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Rachael Beesley: violinist - director - teacher

'As a professional violinist, I have had the wonderful opportunity to study Flow with Eve Newsome and Andreas Burzik. As a result of increasing my awareness on the importance of ease of playing, contact with the instrument, searching for overtones and the use of improvisation during practice, my career was transformed! By understanding and practicing Flow, the daily challenges facing professional musicians are positively focussed on sound production and ease of movement, leading to a sense of achievement and joy in performance, where one is communicating directly with the audience'.

'Flow enables musicians to have an increased enjoyment of music-making, a reduction in anxiety, frustration and boredom, an ability to remain rejuvenated whilst playing, an ability to learn and absorb musical information in a deep and permanent way, an opportunity to create a unique and individual playing style, an ability to be spontaneous whilst performing, a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection and an opportunity to achieve full musical and expressive potential'.

Erja Joukamo-Ampuja: Professor, Sibelius Academy, Finland

‘I use flow practising in my every day warm-up and I feel it increases positive feelings’.

‘When I am teaching the flow practising to my students, it seems to help them improve their musicality in their performance’.

After one-on-one flow lessons at the Sibelius Academy (SIBA), Finland (2015)

‘SO NICE. Even though I had the [embouchure] changes going on, the feeling was so good that I was able to concentrate on the things that we were working on. So, so nice I’d do it again a hundred times’. (Trombone, Bachelor of Music, SIBA)

‘Very helpful, because you’re taking one there where one stopped to practice and giving new views about the playing. It’s helpful, because it’s very individual and in the tempo one needs. Very good and comfortable atmosphere in the lesson. Best point for me was to get the key question where to start from for playing (in practice or on stage).’ Clarinet, Bachelor of Music, SIBA)

‘It was really great to have the personalised lesson and to be able to take away some concrete ideas. It really helped.’ (Horn player, Masters, SIBA)